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LugosiART said 5 years ago 1/8/2011 11:19:58 AM EDT

In this tutorial I will try to show you some different types of logos, positioning system and why to used them as they are. I personally use four types of design. They can work well connected too. Later you will see why.


1. Wormark Logo
2. Logotype
3. Wordmark + symbol logo ( most used today )
4. Product logo

I will not write much about these types, you can see differences on Picture 1.

disclamer- logos from image are my personal proposals. None or some industries are visually defined with wordmarks and symbols. Educational purposes only.


Now you will notice one thing. If Brand is more close to consumer ( Pict 1. Product logo ), logo is more attractive and gives attention. It's like screaming, Hey! Here I'm, buy me!? It has motion, attractive colors, characters etc... but opposite, Company logo ( Wordmark ) can be subtle in design, unique, strong ( Attorneys, Banks, Sport industry.) Personally I love to work most on wordmarks and Logotypes, they have best impression and can show a touch of professionalism.

Company logo can be used with product logo in combination. There are many combinations and you can even use Product logo also as company Logo type or vice versa etc..That is why designers prefer for company logos to fit all print and web standards. Standards are also welcomed in matter of marketing and application possibilities.

Most used today is wordmark + symbol combination, it is well balanced and can be used on various surfaces and types of application. They can work together or separately. Symbol can be positioned on the top or by side of wordmark ( horizontally ). This version is mostly used on business cards, print media and websites.

Please have in mind that those are not defined design type. Each company or product needs his own type and direction of branding. e.g. Perfume industry has both, product and company logo more subtle and more in wordmark directions. Car industry prefer emblems etc?


Logo styles can be various from grunge, corporate, cartoonish, to hi-Tech and Web 2.0 and so on. Choosen style will be defined with industry, brief and type of logo (chapter above) and emotional response we want to direct to target audience.

You will choose style:

1. By Industry
2. By Brief
3. Type of logo
4. Emotional response ( Marketing )
5. Target audience

As you can see we are still in connection, everything in logo design is connected. And that's why I wrote in part 1. Of this tutorial. " start, you should know the end", be patient, we are getting there :)


You wouldn't believe but it is, even more! Here is c/p of article about Nike logo, you will get how clearly Nike logo make connections with styles, types, industry, emotional response and target audience.

History of Nike logo

"There must be very few people who do not recognize the Nike Swoosh logo. With a big arsenal of superstars such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Andre Agassi, Shane Warne, Maria Sharapova, Venus and Serena Williams. This list is pretty long. The company takes its name from the Greek goddess of victory, Nike. The Nike "Swoosh" is a design created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student at Portland State University. She met Phil Knight while he was teaching accounting classes and she started doing some freelance work for his company, Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS). The logo represents the wing of the Greek Goddess.The Nike logo is a classic case of a company gradually simplifying its corporate identity as its frame increases. The company's first logo appeared in 1971, when the word "Nike" the Greek goddess of victory, was printed in orange over the outline of a checkmark, the sign of a positive mark. Used as a motif on sports shoes since the 1970s, this checkmark is now so recognizable that the company name itself has became superfluous.
The solid corporate logo design check was registered as a trademark in 1995. The Nike logo design is an abstract wing, designed by Carolyn Davidson, was an appropriate and meaningful symbol for a company that marketed running shoes. The "JUST DO IT" slogan and logo design campaign communicated such a strong point of view to their target market that the meaning for the logo design symbol evolved into a battle cry and the way of life for an entire generation. Isn't it amazing how a small symbol we call a logo design can make a company into a huge success." Source of Nike logo Article:

Possible Connections:

Nike = Greek goddess = wing = speed = sport = victory = Target audience/All involved in sport
Industry = sport
Emotional response = victory
Type of Logo = Logotype = memorable = monocolor ( well for application on shoes, print media, all?)
Size = well scalable

Thank you for reading part 2. of tutorial. Please have in mind that I?m writing from my head and my personal knowledge, thoughts and experience. This tutorials are shortened version of design process and are very suitable for beginners and newbies. If you have any questions feel free to ask me by PM system of Worth1000.

In Part 3. Of tutorial we will pass through design process in Illustrator. Prepare your pencils!

there is no second chance for first impression
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