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Burton Wolfe Entertainment

Burton Wolfe Entertainment

Free logo design contest, win $500!
Contest ended 6 years ago 10/14/2009 12:00:00 AM EDT

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  • Cost: Free
  • Jackpot: 1000 credits

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The concept for this logo is based on the quotation: A picture is worth a thousand words. A thousand words, in many forms, usually is woven together as a story - of which is the focus of your company. Within that picture is a part of both of you - the water shows a B for Burton, and the mountains show a W for Wolfe. As with so much art, if you look hard enough, you can see a part of every artist involved mixed in with the colors and words of every piece.

Ideas for film opening animation include the grass in the image waving as two separate shooting stars land - one on the W in the mountains, the other on the B in the water, creating slight glow after each one hits. Then the words Burton/Wolfe Entertainment fade in on the bottom.

I have included versions with both a flood white background and flood black; as well as color and black/white application. These can be tweaked upon request.

Thank you for the opportunity to submit!

I also grew up with Mr. Burton's work on Reading Rainbow, and was a huge TNG fan! I enjoyed both series of work from Mr. Burton, as they showed an incredible show of heart and empathy on his part, woven into each character/host. To be able to assist in a venture that continues that focus would be welcomed.

I want to wish both Mr. Burton and Mr. Wolfe the greatest success in their venture. I hope you truly find a logo that represents a solution to the often common issue of visually representing such a wide-ranging venture.


Please do not critique my entry.

Burton/Wolfe Entertainment


We propose a logo which combines both the necessary simplicity to fulfill the requirements and a suitable combination of all the elements of the design.

The concept for designing the logo for Burton and Wolfe Entertainment is based on the need to create a logo that spoke of storytelling in a creative way to make it memorable and recognizable. That is why we took the idea from the shadow play as it is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment for all ages.

The hand shadows also represents fun as they are associated with games, children and families giving the logo an inviting look to it.

We believe it also captures the dynamism and spirit of Burton and Wolfe Entertainment by providing an image of energy and simplicity to communicate as well as the shadows are able to metaphorize and transform the image of hands in a bigger concept.

It is strongly related to the main activity of the company, making movies, having in common the use of light as a medium of expression featured by the half circle which also serves to round the design off.

We have also emphasized a visual integration of two producers Burton and Wolfe fusing together to make one cohesive and strong unit, a bird, representing fresh creativity.

Finally, but not least significant, the extra value of this logo is that it can be animated in both realistic and simplified formats.


Getting hungry, but I have to know what happens next... :)


burton wolfe entertainment


true teller got a true spirit


Please click to view full. I tried to design a logo that had a little story behind it, something that as soon as you see it, you could tell that there was a story, i didn't want to go with a book or something like that cause i wanted something more creative. Animation of the logo could walk you in to what's about to be a great story! hope you like it.


Just the silhouette of a grown up telling an amazing story to this child, who is hypnotized with the tale